Eco Ethics

One of our primary aims for Illumination is to champion new ways to honor and respect our planet in crisis while we celebrate our ever-present connection with her. That said, we must be honest that it is challenging to make 200 person camping retreats 100% “green.” We do not take lightly that we are asking many people to make a carbon footprint by traveling to and participating in this event.  Our goal is that Illumination not only reduce it’s negative ecological impact, but aim for the event to have a net positive effect on the battered Oregon Coastal Range ecosystem and on our planet’s ability to survive the many and constant threats to her life. We are making special efforts to minimize our impact and to use these efforts as an educational platform for all participants.

What We Invite You To Bring

We invite you to bring your “Game” to this very special gathering. In other words: hundreds of previous fire circle experiences have taught us that when participants bring their best attitude, intention, presence, commitment to living our own healthiest and most prosperous truths, as a well as a commitment to supporting the collective–that the vibe of these events consistently manifest at truly profound and magical level.

Come prepared to take responsibility for your own experience and for your impact on the land and the others present.

Please generate as little waste as possible and adopt a leave-no-trace ethic. Pack-it-in & pack-it-out.

Sort all of your waste if you use our recycling/composting facilities.

Please bring your own containers for water and eating plates, bowls, utensils.

Please renew your dedication to your own chosen personal development practices, whatever they may be, before you come to the  event. You will most likely get a lot more out of this Gathering if you make a special effort to engage in personal cultivation work in the days leading up to this event.

Please don’t take yourself too seriously – “Sacred” events are usually much more delightful and rewarding when we embrace humor and compassion as part of a spiritual process 😉

Find ways to see the beloved in everyone you meet and see at the Gathering.